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The life-story of those dear to you is a magnificent, ongoing drama of childhood and adolescence experiences, first love,
disappointments, successes, happiness, and - above all - it is the story of the path they chose while on this earth.

This site offers you user-friendly tools that will help you to tell the life story of your loved ones, add photographs and images, and plant trees in their memory. You can share online these cherished memories with your family, friends and visitors, all of whom can make their own contribution to the story you have told.

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Tell the story...
Tell the story...
Photo of Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley
4824 visitors
Photo of Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein
2864 visitors
Photo of Avigail Elias
Avigail Elias
2852 visitors
Photo of Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci
2745 visitors
Photo of Joseph Nobina
Joseph Nobina
2666 visitors
Photo of George Mallory
George Mallory
2560 visitors
Photo of Joan D' Arc
Joan D' Arc
2455 visitors
Photo of Alexander The Great
Alexander The Great
2367 visitors
Photo of Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus
2188 visitors
Photo of חיים ביאליק
חיים ביאליק
1652 visitors
Photo of אילן רמון
אילן רמון
1633 visitors
Photo of גולדה מאיר
גולדה מאיר
1619 visitors
Photo of דוד בן גוריון
דוד בן גוריון
1603 visitors

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